Dustin Elkin

Video Editor l Storyteller l Content Creator

Trusted by Top Brands

Across a wide variety of industry-leading content

Sky Angels

Areas of Expertise

Audio Mixing

Enhancing the clarity and balance of audio is crucial to the storytelling and quality of any video.

Color Grading

Adjusting and correcting colors creates stunning and beautiful footage for audiences to enjoy.

Motion Graphics & VFX

Designing engaging graphics and illustrations helps elevate content and retain viewer attention.

Sound Design

Mixing sound effects, music, and dialogue to enhance the viewer experience - turning projects into high-quality soundscapes that are polished and professional. 

Team Communication

Communicating with clientele and being on the same page enhances collaboration, productivity, and leads to producing the best end product.

Project Management

Organizing multiple tasks and projects effectively helps streamline workflows and ensures every minute is utilized wisely.

A+ For Creativity 👍

From Adobe Creative Suite to emerging AI tools, I'm always learning and applying new trends and technologies to my work.

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